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This combination of lightness, flexibility and equipment make this model a perfect option not only for diving travels but also for divers who value comfort, hydrodynamics and freedom sensation of light and simple jackets.

The ultra light structure of Travelight and its anatomic shape are translated into the water as a really adherent and hydrodynamic jacket that offers very little resistance on the advance. It’s extraordinarily practical to minimum volume and weight transport: 2.5 Kg (M size) and thanks to its folding structure the volume is only 135 cm3, (36x25x15): a simple little pack.

The sack’s design potentiates the air distribution on the side area, with a very natural weight balance. It combines a traditional structure with a notorious ascensional capacity due to its particular pattern that oversizes the lobes and is extended to the hips. Its profile it’s especially hydrodynamic.

Two wide pockets with zip closing, very deep and with inferior and side bellows allow a significant charge capacity.

Lock Aid System 2.0 integrated weight system allows intuitive and automatic insertion / disinsertion, even with the jacket put on or in bad conditions. The pockets, which enter perfectly channeled in their position, and a D-ring set on the manhole facilitate the fabric tend and the directly bag entrance. The removing maneuver of the pockets has a spring effect of 15mm that compensates possible accidental fouling, etc. The pockets are reinforced with a rigid plate to facilitate the sliding (shared in all sizes from XS to XL and identical in both sides). Capacity until 4.5 Kg each with flexible weight. +info

The abdominal strap is separated from the sack to eliminate the oppression during the inflation.

The D-rings are angular and made of light alloy.

Travelight incorporates the new Cressi Inflator, a Direct System easy to maintain and to remove without tools, especially resistant to sand action. It keeps the traditional double air filtering system of all Cressi jackets to avoid particles entrance that could be on the close of the valve. This new model is really attractive and releases high quality because of its touch, weight and finishes. The new windpipe includes a hose guide and has a very resistant and robust body.

Technical features:

  • 100% versatile also for travels
  • Folding back pack
  • Very light and hydrodynamic
  • Combination: Nylon 420D + Nylon 210D
  • Lock Aid System weight system
  • Light alloy D-rings
  • New Inflator 2011
  • Weight pockets are included

CodeEANColour / Size
DIC 7406008022983053615Azul T/XS
DIC 7406018022983053622Azul T/S
DIC 7406028022983053639Azul T/M
DIC 7406038022983053646Azul T/L
DIC 7406048022983053653Azul T/XL
DIC 7406208022983053691LADY Rosa T/XS
DIC 7406218022983053707LADY Rosa T/S
DIC 7406228022983053714LADY Rosa T/M
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