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XENA PLUS 70 W is a high range light equipped with the most advanced elements available nowadays. It’s an unparalleled combination between power, dimensions and autonomy.

Ion Litio Sanyo® batteries of 6.6Ah provided in a pack of 14.4 V. The advantages of Ion Litio regarding resistance to non regular use and its relationship dimensions / capacity of storage, provide an exceptional capacity allowing autonomy of more than 90 minutes with very little flow loss during the discharge. The Sanyo® election, considering it the highest quality battery manufacturer, as a supplier guarantees to the users the maximum duration of this perishable high cost element. Furthermore, the maximum batteries’ quality guarantee the least interior resistance that keeps constant the tension during all discharge cycle, although it’s continued, like it happens in night diving.

Rotating oversized switch on the superior area. It’s easily actionable with gloves. It incorporates travel insurance and its auctioning is magnetic to eliminate any possible water entrance.

Stainless aluminum back handle and base, made in one-piece through injection. Great construction solidity and rounded and ergonomic design.

Dichroic lamp Osram 3700 º K 70 W (14.4 V) overvolted. With the quality of the batteries used provides a bulldozer luminous flux of 22000 LUXES (measurement at 1 cm with 10º parable), four times more powerful than the led lights and even higher than the flux of loads of 100W lights as the prestigious AURA 100.

Its proportions make it handy and light (only 250 cm x 64 cm of diameter). It has body and headboard of anodizing aluminum of 24 microns in bronze color, especially reinforced on areas of possible impacts because of accidental falling like the headboard’s profile in contact with the crystal or the back base.

It has a minimum volume and weight charger, very quick (1Ah) and automatic. It recognizes automatically the tension (220V or 125V) of the source in which is connected.

External recharge without the need of demounting the light. Overpressure security valve in case of gas emission of the batteries.

It’s provided in 100% padded bag with handle and double cursor.

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BSJ 5410088435266907619XENA PLUS 70W Ion Litio
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