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MOREA is a one-piece suit without hood, with long sleeves and pants, in 3mm neoprene, perfect for light diving or warm water diving, snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and for any kind of water sport.

Assemblies through flat sewing with anti-friction thread.

The new pattern, sober and elegant at the same time, only uses color panels over the shoulders combined with a grey detail in extremely elastic fabric.

The pattern with wide panels optimizes the natural neoprene elasticity and it’s combined with a new nylon lining especially elastic.

With the goal of reducing water filtrations, the chest zip YKK® is provided with Acquastop® flap.

The ankles and wrists’ finishes have been made through Overlook hems.

Preformed Anatomic Shape® neck that respects the angulation chest-neck with extremely elastic Ultraspan® lining.

Mixed lining with nylon and Ultraspan® in joints. This fabric combines a great erosion resistance with a perfect elasticity and soft touch.

Chest area in flat neoprene exterior patterned. It improves the hydrodynamics, the elasticity and guarantees quick dry when the suit is outside the water exposed to the wind in water activities as waterskiing, sailing or surfing.

Dorsal zip with Velcro® closing.


Colors and sizes:

Man: black with grey and blue insertions. Sizes from 2 to 6
Woman: black with grey and turquoise insertionsSizes from 1 to 5
Junior: black with grey and blue insertionsSizes from XXXS to XL


CodeEANColour / Size
CLU 4760028022983062303UOMO 3mm S/2
CLU 4760038022983062310UOMO 3mm M/3
CLU 4760048022983062327UOMO 3mm L/4
CLU 4760058022983062334UOMO 3mm XL/5
CLU 4760068022983062341UOMO 3mm XXL/6
CLU 4765018022983062358DONNA 3mm XS/1
CLU 4765028022983062365DONNA 3mm S/2
CLU 4765038022983062372DONNA 3mm M/3
CLU 4765048022983062389DONNA 3mm L/4
CLU 4765058022983062396DONNA 3mm XL/5
CLU 4766018022983139579JUNIOR 3mm XS (6-7 años)
CLU 4766028022983139586JUNIOR 3mm S (8-9 años)
CLU 4766038022983139593JUNIOR 3mm M (10-11 años)
CLU 4766048022983139609JUNIOR 3mm L (12-13años)
CLU 4766058022983139616JUNIOR 3mm XL (13-14 años)
CLU 4766118022983139623JUNIOR 3mm XXXS (3-4 años)
CLU 4766128022983139630JUNIOR 3mm XXS (5-6 años)
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