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Ultra light 2nd stage of high range with mixed composition of semi flexible deadening technopolymers and dampers of the noise with components of more weight in titanium.

Pneumatically balanced mechanism that guarantees a softness-flow exceptional relationship and abundant and calibrated air output, without the need to emphasize much the Venturi effect.

Dive-Predive deflector to manage Venturi effect. Without metal assembly elements.

Elliptical section which allows a lever arm even higher than bigger regulators, with an optical effect of smaller dimensions and greater comfort. Smaller dimensions 7.5 x 6 cm, only 5% higher than Ellipse Titanium and it's the lighter elliptical section among balanced market models (only 182 g).

Oversized entrance diaphragm to obtain a greater inspiratory softness, the highest of its category: 2810 mm2, 12% more than high range competitive models. Lever contact disc tefloned to reduce lever-disc friction.

High pivoting angle lever, really reinforced to transmit precisely the inhalation effort and with minimum friction the diaphragm disc.

Maximum inspiratory effort of less than 4 Mbar, with total breathing work of 0.60 Joules/L, four times under CEE regulation. 2500 L/min flow.

Possibility of whole machine box extraction easily, which facilitates remarkably the maintenance activities.

Thermal interchanger located inside the case that avoids air freezing when diving in cold water.

Improved exhalation area to reduce expiratory effort without damaging the area sealing since is not appropriate to reduce diaphragm thickness. The design of the restraint system of the exhalation diaphragm guides 100% channelled flow to the nozzles of the exhaust tee taking advantage of a powerful Venturi effect and push bubbles away from visual field, without the need to oversize the exhaust tee.

Technical features:

Technopolymer + stainless steel
Weight: 182 g
Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 cm
Hose: 80 cm SUPERFLOW
Venturi system: No
Pneumatic compensation: Yes
Deflector Dive/Pre-dive: Yes
Microregulation of the inspiratory effort: Yes
Average flow 2500 L/min



1st stage with overbalanced diaphragm in T shape, ultramodern but at the same time easy to maintain, robust and reliable.

The body wall thickness has been optimized to reduce its weight to the minimum (380g). A PVT coating protects 1st stage from blows and erosions.

The T configuration allows a greater 1st stage integration into the valve profile and thus, greater freedom of movement of the diver's head. The mechanism works transversally to the air input and possible particle filtrations coming from the bottle that may surpass don't have direct impact on the valve.

The HP seat is made of AISI316 stainless steel. Besides replacement possibility in case of deterioration when maintaining, the seat composition is more solid than traditional brass fixed seats, which extends its useful life since it resists better metal particles deforming action that could enter coming from the bottle.

Polyurethane valve highly resistant to mechanics, oils and hyperoxic mixtures.

The hyperbalancing mechanism guarantees a slight increase of intermediate pressure as the bottle pressure decreases. The regulator provides, therefore, its maximum level of features in the final immersion stage, which is certainly the most crucial.

An advanced study of the internal air flow and an exclusive distribution chamber, which channels air volume directly to LP outputs, have allowed to reduce pressure drop in hard breathing to minimum levels (0.5 bar), which guarantees a high feature usage in any kind of situation.

The T10 provides optionally an isolation and antifreeze SC (Sealed Chamber) kit that isolates completely the diaphragm and the spring from water contact, turning it into the perfect option to work in extremely low temperature conditions and in highly dirty water.

Especially effective filter with hat shape inserted without the need of circlip. Effective filtering surface of 280 mm2 thanks to the development of its partiuclar design.

2 HP outputs and 4 LP outputs

Available in INT (bracket) version and DIN 300 bar. The DIN version thread has been produced in stainless steel instead of brass to guarantee a better resistance in case of falling or blows.


Technical features:

2 High Pressure outputs (HP) - 7/16"
4 Low Pressure outputs (LP) - 3/8"
Balancing system: hyperbalanced diaphragm
Filter in hat shape without circlip
Rotating turret: No
Provided Air flow 4000L/min (*)
Intermediate pressure 9-10 bar
Intermediate pressure drop (150 bar) 0.5-1 bar
LP External regulation: Yes (Allen key)
Weight: INT 615 g / DIN 480 g
Operating pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar
Operating pressure (DIN connection) 0-300 bar
Calibration pressure 9.2-9.6 bar
Calibrating Regulation scale +/- 0.5 bar

(*) Measurements made in LP output with second stage connected and 150 bar pressure in the bottle.

Descripción resumida

Ultra light 2nd stage of high range with regulation knob of inspiratory effort made of light alloy + stainless steel + ABS | Elliptical section 7.5 x 6 cm for a great lever arm and reduced volume | Oversized entrance diaphragm | 1st stage T10SC with overbalanced diaphragm in T with antifreezing and isolation kit | Chrome reinforcement | Body with optimized thicknesses | 2+4 outputs | Connection INT or DIN 300 | Changeable HP seat of stainless steel | Conic filter of great capacity without circlip | Superflow hose

CodeEANColour / Size
DHX 8450008022983981017INT
DHX 8451008022983104461DIN 300
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