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New greatly simplified monocoque second stage made of ABS + elastomer + Stainless Steel with a really compact size (diameter of 6 cm) and extremely light (153 g) with a perfectly planned mechanism and development to obtain the minimum number of components and great strength. It's a smart purchasing option because of its combination of features, reliability, price and maintenance cost, suitable for maximum reliability uses and also as a travel regulator due to its lightness.

In the Pro version, the material of the body of the 2nd stage integrates particles in its composition to improve the thermal conductivity and to avoid the freezing in cold environments. Homologation CE to use in cold waters (<10º) EN250/2000.

The specific adjustment of the inhalation mechanism changes slightly the personality on air output according to Ellipse series, rewarding above the refined sense and touch of these models, a plentiful flow without the need to develop the Venturi effect. This feature provides a low tendency to free flowing on surface or while placing the gear into the water, excellent for schools and renting (both the octopus and the double regulator). However, the results of the features place it beyond regulators of highest range.

Asymmetrical frontal drilled cover. The water flow starts to push the diaphragm anti-clockwise direction to create its retraction perfectly in flat position and to make the lever go down gradually and perfectly perpendicular, regardless of conditions (flow, sudden moves, any face position…).

Exhalation effort particularly reduced without the need to minimize the diaphragm thickness. The retention system design of the diaphragm guides the flow 100% channelled towards the nozzles of the exhaust cover, which benefits from a powerful Venturi effect that, in addition, helps to guide bubbles far from the diver visual field. The diaphragm it’s stuffed to avoid water filtrations when sharp turns happen or when jumping from the boat into the water.

Purge pusher practically integral, bigger between 80 and 400% than any other regulator in the market to facilitate purge manoeuvre, especially to inexperienced divers.

The cap assembly system by a 30º bayonet turn ensures a simple and safe mounting and dismounting, even to perform cleaning sand tasks beside the beach requiring no tools.

Reduced usage aging due to the finish of the casing, as a result of applying in the mold a new technology that obtains a nuanced appearance made of a microtexture of rounded profiles.




Membrane 1st stage overbalanced in T, very modern but, at the same time, of simple maintenance and very robust and reliable.

The thickness of the body walls has been optimized to minimize its weight (380 g). A satin chrome coating cover protects the 1st stage from impacts and erosions.

The T-configuration allows greater integration of the first stage in the profile of the tank valve and, therefore, greater freedom of movement for the diver's head. The mechanism works transversely to the air inlet and the possible filtration of particles coming from the tank that may exceed the filter does not affect directly the poppet valve.

HP seat is made of AISI316 stainless steel. In addition to the possibility of replacement in case of deterioration when performing maintenance, the composition of the seat, much harder than the traditional brass of irreplaceable seats, prolongs its useful life since it better resists the deforming action of the metallic particles that can be introduced coming from the tank.

Polyurethane poppet valve with high mechanical resistance, to oils and to hyperoxic mixtures.

The hypercompensation of the mechanism guarantees a slight increase in the middle pressure as the pressure in the cylinder decreases. The regulator therefore provides its highest level of performance in the final phase of the dive, undoubtedly the most critical.

An advanced study of the internal air circulation and an exclusive distribution chamber that channels the air volume directly to the LP outlets have allowed the pressure drop in forced breaths to be reduced to minimum levels (0.5 bar), guaranteeing its use with high performance in any situation.

Specially effective filter with Hat shape inserted without the need of a circlip.  Filter effective surface of 280 mm2, thanks to its special design.

2 HP and 4 LP outputs

Supplied in INT (Yoke) and DIN 300 bar versions. The thread of the DIN version has been made of stainless steel instead of brass to guarantee greater resistance in the event of falls or impacts.




Technical characteristics:

High Pressure  outputs(HP) 1 - 7/16 "
Low Pressure outputs (LP) 3 - 3/8 "
System / compensation: overbalanced membrane
Filter type hat without circlip
Rotating turret: no
Air flow of supplied 4000 l/min (*)
Intermediate pressure 9-10 bar Intermediate pressure drop (150 bar) 0.5-1 bar
LP external regulation: yes (key Allen)
Weight: Int. 616 g / DIN 480 g
Supply pressure  (DIN connection) 0-300 bar
Set pressure 9.2-9.6 bar
Scale of regulation of the tare +/- 5 bar
Filter type hat without circlip

(*) Measurements carrierd out on an LP output with the second connected stage and a pressure of 150 bar in the tank.


CodeEANColour / Size
DHX 7825008022983139111INT
DHX 7826008022983139128DIN
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