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COMFORT 2017 5mm

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COMFORT is the ideal suit for divers that value especially the easy wearing and comfort. Also, the great elasticity of the suit improves the staunchness and reduces water flow.

The outer lining is 100% Ultraspan® superelastic, fast drying and greater hydrodynamic and lining X-Plush© in the inner area, fast drying and sliding that facilitates the placement of the suit. It is very pleasant and thermal and does not limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the outer fabric. It facilitates the placement of the suit and improves its thermal quality before, during and after the dive. Its texture of fire and type of fiber reduce the circulation of water and increase the thermal memory of neoprene. It is also waterproof so drying is very fast. This combination of similar stretch fabrics allows combining them with a dense and compact neoprene to reduce the buoyancy of the suit and its level of compression.

Small Diamond© reinforcement fabric in areas of great erosion such as shoulders, shins and buttocks.

Wrist and ankle seals through double Glide Skin + Smooth inner sleeves (to prevent them from sticking when not in use) and zippers.

Knee / tibia area with elastic anti-wear reinforcements in Tatex®. This type of reinforcement almost does not limit the elasticity of the neoprene, provides sufficient reinforcement and facilitates the placement of the suit.

Hood with discreet valve system to drain the excess air during the ascent and fastening system to the suit by means of a small carabiner. Optional.

Neoprene hip pocket. YKK zipper. Safety carabiner.

The level of finishes is complete without going into unnecessary sophistication and maintaining a moderate price level.

Reinforcement / tensioner with tongue on the base of the back zipper.

Its black-dark gray combination makes it 100% combinable. All the elements are independent and can be purchased separately.

Available in 5 and 7mm version. Jacket (optional) in 5 mm, with 3.5 mm sleeves, is a very important element since it avoids the traditional inconvenience of the modular versions when used with the two pieces, thanks to its great elasticity.

Colors and sizes:

Man: black/grey. Sizes from 2 to 7.
black/grey. Sizes from 1 to 5.

+Info Product of the ATELIER line


CodeEANColour / Size
CLS 5072028022983093468UOMO 7mm (mono) S/2
CLS 5072038022983093475UOMO 7mm (mono) M/3
CLS 5072048022983093482UOMO 7mm (mono) L/4
CLS 5072058022983093499UOMO 7mm (mono) XL/5
CLS 5072068022983093505UOMO 7mm (mono) XXL/6
CLS 5072078022983093512UOMO 7mm (mono) XXXL/7
CLS 5073018022983093529DONNA 7mm (mono) XS/1
CLS 5073028022983093536DONNA 7mm (mono) S/2
CLS 5073038022983093543DONNA 7mm (mono) M/3
CLS 5073048022983093550DONNA 7mm (mono) L/4
CLS 5073058022983093567DONNA 7mm (mono) XL/5
CLS 5073068022983093574DONNA 7mm (mono) XXL/6
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