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Wetsuit FAST 3mm

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New first-class modular wetsuit and very aggressive price with new patterns and interesting technical solutions that provide a remarkable sealing.

FAST combines a 3 mm one piece wetsuit with a separate 5 mm hood and a very elastic 3.5 mm jacket. The three elements can be purchased separately.

It is a modular especially comfortable and easy to wear due to its new neoprene double-lined neoprene sleeves, simple, effective and very resistant with an inner ring "Seal" to provide tightness. This solution provides durability and is guaranteed and contrasted even by diving centres that use it as a suit for school and rental with optimal results.

The YKK® dorsal zipper has the Acquastop® sealing system with smooth neoprene inner flap to minimize water leaking.

The closing of the nape presents a remarkable improvement of the design that reduces the entrance of water in this critical point. The closing flap is now much wider and the nape area is extended to avoid infiltrations when tilting the neck under water.

Neck with Anatomic Shape design, with preformed at 120º for a maximum comfort.

Knee-warm area and shoulder pads with elastic wear-resistant reinforcements in Tatex®. This type of reinforcement practically does not limit the elasticity of the neoprene, provides sufficient reinforcement and facilitates wearing the suit.

Specially elastic nylon lining on both inner and outer sides to optimize the elasticity of the neoprene. It uses the same quality of neoprene as the rest of the collection of Cressi suits despite being a costly suit very contained.

Available also in 5 mm and 7 mm versions.


Colors and Sizes:

Man: dark blue/grey. Sizes from 2 to 7
Woman: dark blue/grey.
Sizes from 1 to 5

CodeEANColour / Size
CLR 1083028022983111940UOMO S/2
CLR 1083038022983111957UOMO M/3
CLR 1083048022983111964UOMO L/4
CLR 1083058022983111971UOMO XL/5
CLR 1083068022983111988UOMO XXL/6
CLR 1083078022983111995UOMO XXXL/7
CLR 1093018022983112121DONNA XS/1
CLR 1093028022983112138DONNA S/2
CLR 1093038022983112145DONNA M/3
CLR 1093048022983112152DONNA L/4
CLR 1093058022983112169DONNA XL/5
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