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Wetsuit FISTERRA LC 9mm

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FISTERRA 9 mm is born from the need of professional divers to work in very cold waters or who must perform long-term tasks.

It is a resistant combination, very tight and very thermal while comfortable. Its superelastic LC neoprene guarantees great comfort and optimal thermal protection, at the bottom due to its high resistance to compression, suitable for professional work or long-term diving.

It is a combination of 9 mm in jacket and 8 mm in trousers with overalls, meeting the requirements of each area of the body.

The pattern of FISTERRA 9 mm has been reworked completely in order that the interior spaces of the suits maintain the proportions of the rest of the models, due to the inevitable reduction of it that supposes the use of neoprene of great thickness. This, together with the extreme elasticity of the LC neoprene used, makes FISTERRA 9 mm as comfortable to wear as any other 5mm Cressi suit.

Jacket without zip and Long John trousers.

Nylon outer lining with high grammage, very resistant, open cell neoprene inside.

Wide knee-guards and anti-abrasion elbow pads in Supratex©.

8 mm sealing sleeves in smooth neoprene inside face, cuffs and ankles, very resistant and watertight.

Specific axillary pattern that allows great mobility of the arms, since it completely eliminates the seams under the arm.

Sizes: from 2 to 6

CodeEANColour / Size
CLK 4899028022983112374LC 9mm T/2
CLK 489902CH8435266982678LC 9mm (chaqueta) T/2
CLK 489902PT8435266982722LC 9mm (pantal?n) T/2
CLK 4899038022983112381LC 9mm T/3
CLK 489903CH8435266982685LC 9mm (chaqueta) T/3
CLK 489903PT8435266982739LC 9mm (pantal?n) T/3
CLK 4899048022983112398LC 9mm T/4
CLK 489904CH8435266982692LC 9mm (chaqueta) T/4
CLK 489904PT8435266982746LC 9mm (pantal?n) T/4
CLK 4899058022983112404LC 9mm T/5
CLK 489905CH8435266982708LC 9mm (chaqueta) T/5
CLK 489905PT8435266982753LC 9mm (pantal?n) T/5
CLK 4899068022983112411LC 9mm T/6
CLK 489906CH8435266982715LC 9mm (chaqueta) T/6
CLK 489906PT8435266982761LC 9mm (pantal?n) T/6
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