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Wetsuit ICE 7 mm

14 - 16Ver otros trajes : Traje FISTERRA LC 9mmVer otros trajes : Traje LUI y LEI 2,5mm
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Semi-dry suit with extremely elastic exterior lining 100% Ultraspan© to link the traditional staunchness of this kind of suit to a great elasticity and comfort that the diver needs.

Interior 100% X-Plush©, really thermal, it has a quick drying process and a sliding touch that facilitate the suit entry and it doesn’t limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the exterior Ultraspan© fabric.

Vertical rear toothed TIZIP© dry zip. Completely toothed dry zip with toothed structure and the equivalent flexibility of traditional wetsuit zips. Less need for maintenance and greater comfort than any other semi-dry suit zip. It is a limiting zip to avoid excessive tensions on the maximum opening area and it has a new design and studied position to limit the tension on the ends when removing the suit.

Sealed system via double cuffs without zip made of Ultraspan© lining in wrists and ankles, it’s a very sealed system since it works as a sandwich over the glove or boot, facilitating the moment of putting on and off the suit.

3mm neoprene neck, with interior Ultraspan© lining and exterior Glide Skin© lining, to facilitate the fitting of the suit and the watertightness of this crucial area, especially in the case of the women, that have a reduced neck perimeter. Anatomic Shape design foresees the perfect profile of the neck in relation to the chest (120º) and avoids the oppression of this area. A second exterior flap improves the aesthetics and watertightness of the neck.

Elastic reinforcements on knees / shins in Tátex© that practically maintain the original elasticity of the area where they are applied and avoid erosion.

Small Diamond© reinforcement fabric applied in highly erosion areas as shoulders, shins and buttocks.

Attachment system of the hood placed on the hip via a little plastic snap hook.

There is a built-in pocket on the right hip with interior snap hook and double pocket.


Colors and sizes:

Man: black/dark grey/light grey. Sizes from 2 to 7
Woman: color black/dark grey/light grey. Sizes from 1 to 5


CodeEANColour / Size
CLQ 4030028022983013305 UOMO 7mm T/2
CLQ 4030038022983013312 UOMO 7mm T/3
CLQ 4030048022983013329 UOMO 7mm T/4
CLQ 4030058022983013336 UOMO 7mm T/5
CLQ 4030068022983013343 UOMO 7mm T/6
CLQ 4030078022983013350 UOMO 7mm T/7
CLQ 4031018022983013398 DONNA 7mm T/1
CLQ 4031028022983013404 DONNA 7mm T/2
CLQ 4031038022983013411 DONNA 7mm T/3
CLQ 4031048022983013428 DONNA 7mm T/4
CLQ 4031058022983013435 DONNA 7mm T/5
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