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ITACA is a high-range snorkel with a new upper terminal equipped with a special valve with a 100% anti-splash buoy system and that seals the tube at the time it is submerged to prevent water from entering.

The bottom has a corrugated with the inside in smooth silicone that keeps the mouthpiece always correctly positioned and does not interfere with the regulator when placed in the mouth.

The silicone mouthpiece is extraordinarily anatomical and the assembling is identical to the regulator.

A special bucket with an elliptical drainage membrane facilitates the expulsion of water with minimal effort.

Fast and safe assembly of the mask strap. Two independent components for assembly and disassembly by a simple button.

Wide range of colours available with options in black silicone and transparent silicone.

Available colours: Transparent-blue metal, Transparent-pink, Transparent-black, Transparent-red, Dark-gold, Dark-blue metal, Dark-black, Dark-red.

CodeEANColour / Size
AES 2900208022983177250Transp.-azul metal
AES 2900408022983177267Transp.-rosa
AES 2900508022983177274Transp.-negro
AES 2900588022983177281Transp.-rojo
AES 2900998022983177298Colores surtidos
AES 2901098022983177304Dark-oro
AES 2901208022983177311Dark-azul metal
AES 2901508022983177328Dark-negro
AES 2901588022983177335Dark-rojo
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