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Buoy with variable diameter torpedo design for greater hydrodynamics and the possibility of winding out the line in the central area.

Made with high quality materials and components. 7 tenths thick fabric (twice as often used) with a super-slip shaved finish, so that the buoy assumes minimal resistance to the fisherman's advance.

Double camera for greater security in case of accidental punctures.

Orange red fluorescent color with high visibility.

Mast with double flag: “Diver underwater” and “ALPHA”.

6 heat-welded grommets in the lower area to distribute the accessories to the user's liking + 2 grommets at the rear end for fixing the flag.

Highest quality heat-welded  unions.

Being a high-quality buoy, it is supplied without floating rope or other accessories, starting from the base of the great variety of options, lengths, diameters, etc., that the fisherman can specify from a certain level.


  • Weight: 650 g
  • Volume: about 15 l
  • Diameter: 25 cm
  • Length: 90 cm


Descripción resumida

Variable diameter design for better hydrodynamics and the possibility of winding out the line in the central area | double celled | 7 tenths thick fabric | Includes pennant with two pavilions | 6 heat-welded grommets | Orange red fluorescent color high visibility | shaved finish for better sliding | Measures: 90 cm x Ø25 cm.


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BTA 6116008022983011134BOYA TORPEDO doble c?mara
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