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BRC 5530108022983010700CUCHILLO NORGE

Norge it’s a modern knife of last generation design and little dimensions,with a resistant tempered blade.

The handle has anatomic shape and it’s made in “soft grip” material for a safe grip. It’s separated from the blade through an integrated hand guard made with technopolymers.

The blade is made in especial tempered stainless steel, with a flat extreme and a dented extreme. This side of the blade finishes, near the handle, with a cavity to cut ropes and fishing threads.

The cover is made of black technopolymers and it has belt loops to fix it to the thigh or the belt. The grip’s system of the knife to the cover is made through a spring integrated pusher with the cover’s structure and quick auctioning.

The knife has two straps by default that allows fixing it to the thigh.

Technical features:

  • Total length: 240 mm.
  • Blade’s length: 120 mm.
  • Blade’s width: 25 mm.
  • Blade’s thickness: 5mm.
  • Weight only knife: 140 g.
  • Weight with sheath and straps: 200 g.

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