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CHEROKEE FAST is a new version of the prestigious Cherokee line, now in a new option with a lighter mechanism and 14 mm double rubber band.


New handle with lighter mechanism compared to the previous CHEROKEE version. Oversized and reinforced trigger guard and trigger positioned in line with the tube to eliminate the moment of inertia at the moment of firing. Integrated swivel lock operated with the thumb. New integrated rubber load rest with two standard versions. Shaft attachment point set back 5 cm to optimize the dynamic propulsion of the rubber bands and prolong it during a longer tube length. Assembly with the tube reinforced and simplified to cancel the bending at this point. It incorporates a new hooking system for the reel which is particularly robust and reliable. Rounded fins to position the wire in the loading process and prevent it from interfering with the attachment of the wishbone.


New metallic mechanism developed 100% in Cressi Italia now 70 grams lighter. It combines elements in stainless steel with exclusive elements in self-lubricating Teflon to minimize friction. It has an extraordinary relationship between trigger sensitivity and resistance to accidental disengagement even when using powerful double rubbers. Lateral retractable line holder made of stainless steel.


Ø28 mm barrel in anticorodal aluminum derived from the model with low friction integral guide, since the shaft rests only on the two outer corners. Lower area reinforced by oversizing the thickness. This combination allows the rifle to maintain extraordinary maneuverability while enjoying superior rigidity to spearguns of much larger diameter.


Minimalist open muzzle but very robust that allows the use of double rubber. Integrated magnet to facilitate the assembly process prior to charging. Its cobra head-shaped design softens the angle of the rubbers so that they work more effectively and without suffering unnecessary friction and stress that shortens their life. It has been studied so that, in the case of using double rubber, the action of both is complemented without any type of interference. The muzzle incorporates in the lower part a new stainless steel line guide that also has the function of a line holder in case of using a double line pass.


Double rubber Ø14 mm pure latex USA with Dyneema wishbone.


Ø6.5 mm with shark fins. AISI 630 tempered and darkened steel.


75, 90, 100, 110, 120 cm.


The measurements indicated correspond to the maximum distance of a loaded rubber, that is, from the hole in the head to the rearmost point of loading. This measurement system is considered the most logical in order to calibrate the size of the rubbers to be used in spearguns with a behindhand mechanism.


CodeEANColour / Size
BFE 363100802298317742775
BFE 363200802298317743490
BFE 3633008022983177441100
BFE 3634008022983177458110
BFE 3635008022983177465120
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