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Lantern FROGMAN 9000 Warm Led

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This especially successful model has carved great prestige out because of its excellent relationship dimensions-features-reliability. Its technology allows maintaining its features in a surprising way during its extended autonomy. Its dimensions and light beam make it versatile for diving (even as principal light focus at night), spearfishing or nautical use in general. The combination of reinforced nylon with stainless steel headboard highlights it aesthetically and in terms of manufacturing quality radically from other similar products.

Technical features:

  • Cree Led 5000º Kelvin. The color temperature has been calibrated to maintain itself in a neutral white color avoiding the big tendency of most led lanterns to cold color ranges that distort the real color of the seabed and drive fishes away

  • Reinforced nylon body and AISI 316 stainless steel headboard

  • Extremely reflecting parable of concentrated beam (6º) with Advanced Focus System that takes profit of the luminous flux broadcasted by the Led

  • Luminous flux of 150 lumens

  • Luminous flux in Lux (at 1m): 9000 Lux

  • Luminous flux falling in 1 continuous hour: 30%

  • 8 hours of autonomy continuously and 50 hours discontinuously

  • Magnetic rotating switch isolated from the marine environment left / right

  • 4 AA high quality batteries made specifically for this lantern (also available as spare parts). They improve 20% the luminous flux and reduce the tension fall in extended use regarding the best batteries of the market

  • Semi elastic strap with fixation to the wrist and block bracelet, linked by a safety strap calibrated at 20 kg of breaking tension

Lenght: 160 mm

Weight: 220 g

Color: Brass

CodeEANColour / Size
BSJ 5300208435266914181FROGMAN 9000 WARM LED
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