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High range wetsuit that incorporates a great variety of solutions.

Medium-high density neoprene to limit the variation of buoyancy during the descent.

External sheeting with Glide Skin© for an optimal hydrodynamic, resistance and quick dry.

Ultratretch© Inside, soft and extremely elastic.

Axillary area without sewing for optimal movement and comfort.

Waist Trousers without Long John for an optimal comfort and expansion of the rib cage.

The assembly of the panels has been made through gluing and non-passing sewing.


Sizes and colors:

  • Man: Blue. Sizes from 1 to 5
  • Woamn: Black. Sizes from 1 to 4

CodeEANColour / Size
CLF 4510018022983077192UOMO 3,5mm T/1
CLF 4510028022983077208UOMO 3,5mm T/2
CLF 4510038022983077215UOMO 3,5mm T/3
CLF 4510048022983077222UOMO 3,5mm T/4
CLF 4510058022983077239UOMO 3,5mm T/5
CLF 4511018022983077246DONNA 3,5mm T/1
CLF 4511028022983077253DONNA 3,5mm T/2
CLF 4511038022983077260DONNA 3,5mm T/3
CLF 4511048022983077277DONNA 3,5mm T/4
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