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Wetsuit SCORPION Novedad

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New mimetic design, replica of the skin of a black scorpionfish created from high resolution photographs and slightly distorted to combine the ability to camouflage with an elegant aesthetic. Reddish tone with a very marked contrast in black and white that completely breaks the silhouette of the fisherman.

This tonality combines a perfect camouflage in the background with good visibility on the surface, important for boat safety and to facilitate location by buddies.

Ultraspan © lining on 100% of the exterior. A lining with good resistance to erosion and very stretchy in every way, hydrodynamic and quick drying.

Color transfer using CRYPTIS technology, which guarantees long-lasting colors, does not modify the original elasticity of the fabric and does not darken under water.

Medium density neoprene for an optimal compression resistance / ballast requirement / buoyancy variation. The elasticity of the suit is achieved based on the lining used, not reducing the density of the neoprene.

100% open cell neoprene in the inside.

Pattern that facilitates the dilation of the rib cage and back, as well as the mobility of the arms by having a single seamless neoprene panel on the entire side of the torso, armpits and inside the arms.

Smooth neoprene hem seals on the face, ankles and wrists: simple, effective and comfortable.

New double oversized load support with padding and non-slip and ripstop fabric.

Semi-flexible padded Tatex © knee and shin guards divided into two protection elements.

Strapless pants for optimal dilation of the rib cage.

Personalized with attractive detail transfers.

Available in 5 mm versions.


Sizes from 2 to 6.

CodeEANColour / Size
CLU 49030284352669873145mm S/2
CLU 49030384352669873215mm M/3
CLU 49030484352669873385mm L/4
CLU 49030584352669873455mm XL/5
CLU 49030684352669873525mm XXL/6
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