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Wetsuit SEPPIA

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New mimetic design, replica of the seabed created from high-resolution photographs selected by the Cressi competition team among multiple options, slightly distorted to combine camouflage ability with elegant aesthetics. Very versatile greenish-brown hue. 

Ultraspan © lining in 100% of the exterior. A lining with good resistance to erosion and very elastic in every way. The neoprene used is medium density for an optimal ratio of compressive strength / ballast need / buoyancy variation. The elasticity of the suit is achieved based on the lining used, not reducing the density of the neoprene. 

100% open cell neoprene in the inside. 

New pattern that facilitates the expansion of the rib cage and back, as well as the mobility of the arms by having a single seamless neoprene panel on the entire side of the torso, armpits and interior of the arms. The tightness of the ankle and cuffs has also been improved. 

New double oversized load support with padding and anti-slip and anti-tear fabric. 

Tatex © semi-flexible padded knee-shin pads guards divided into two protection elements. 

Finished on the face, ankles and wrists with a smooth neoprene hem: simple, effective and comfortable. 

Non long John pants for optimal dilation of the rib cage.

Personalized with attractive detail transfers. 

Available in versions of 3´5, 5 and 7 mm

Jacket and high pants without straps, available separately. 


Sizes from 2 to 6

CodeEANColour / Size
CLE 46800280229831323103,5mm (chaqueta) S/2
CLE 46800380229831323273,5mm (chaqueta) M/3
CLE 46800480229831323343,5mm (chaqueta) L/4
CLE 46800580229831323413,5mm (chaqueta) XL/5
CLE 46800680229831323583,5mm (chaqueta) XXL/6
CLE 46810280229831323653,5mm (pantalón) S/2
CLE 46810380229831323723,5mm (pantalón) M/3
CLE 46810480229831323893,5mm (pantalón) L/4
CLE 46810580229831323963,5mm (pantalón) XL/5
CLE 46810680229831324023,5mm (pantalón) XXL/6
CLE 46820280229831324195mm (chaqueta) S/2
CLE 46820380229831324265mm (chaqueta) M/3
CLE 46820480229831324335mm (chaqueta) L/4
CLE 46820580229831324405mm (chaqueta) XL/5
CLE 46820680229831324575mm (chaqueta) XXL/6
CLE 46830280229831324645mm (pantalón) S/2
CLE 46830380229831324715mm (pantalón) M/3
CLE 46830480229831324885mm (pantalón) L/4
CLE 46830580229831324955mm (pantalón) XL/5
CLE 46830680229831325015mm (pantalón) XXL/6
CLE 46840280229831325187mm (chaqueta) S/2
CLE 46840380229831325257mm (chaqueta) M/3
CLE 46840480229831325327mm (chaqueta) L/4
CLE 46840580229831325497mm (chaqueta) XL/5
CLE 46840680229831325567mm (chaqueta) XXL/6
CLE 46850280229831325637mm (pantalón) S/2
CLE 46850380229831325707mm (pantalón) M/3
CLE 46850480229831325877mm (pantalón) L/4
CLE 46850580229831325947mm (pantalón) XL/5
CLE 46850680229831326007mm (pantalón) XXL/6
CLE 46860284352669822033,5mm S/2
CLE 46860384352669822343,5mm M/3
CLE 46860484352669822413,5mm L/4
CLE 46860584352669822583,5mm XL/5
CLE 46860684352669822653,5mm XXL/6
CLE 46870284352669861265mm S/2
CLE 46870384352669822725mm M/3
CLE 46870484352669822895mm L/4
CLE 46870584352669822965mm XL/5
CLE 46870684352669823025mm XXL/6
CLE 46880284352669822277mm S/2
CLE 46880384352669823197mm M/3
CLE 46880484352669823267mm L/4
CLE 46880584352669823337mm XL/5
CLE 46880684352669823417mm XXL/6
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