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New mimetic design, patterned with the seabed through high resolution photography selected by Cressi’s competition team among multiple choices. Lightly distorted to combine the camouflage ability with an elegant aesthetic. Dark brown colors perfect for shadow areas of Mediterranean seabed and with posidonia as in oceanic seabeds.

Medium density neoprene 100% with very flexible and hydrodynamic Ultraspan© lining to improve comfort, adaptation and quick dry.

Traditional micro porous interior.

Axillary area without sewing for optimal movement and comfort.

Aquastop© system in internal flat neoprene on the low area of the jacket to minimize the water entrance at this point and on the high part of the pants. Pants without bib for an optimal comfort and expansion of the chest with Aquastop sash.

New oversized burden support with pad, anti-slide and anti-scratch fabric.

Wide protection semi flexible Powertex© kneepads-shin and elbows’ pads.

Finishes of the face, wrists and ankles through micro cuffs of interior flat neoprene.

Jacket and high pants without suspenders, available separately.

Available in versions 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm.

Sizes: from 2 to 6.


CodeEANColour / Size
CLE 46470284352669032153,5mm S/2
CLE 46470384352669033213,5mm M/3
CLE 46470484352669096063,5mm L/4
CLE 46470584352669132833,5mm XL/5
CLE 46470684352669044103,5mm XXL/6
CLE 46480280229830580923,5mm (chaqueta) S/2
CLE 46480380229830581083,5mm (chaqueta) M/3
CLE 46480480229830581153,5mm (chaqueta) L/4
CLE 46480580229830581223,5mm (chaqueta) XL/5
CLE 46480680229830581393,5mm (chaqueta) XXL/6
CLE 46490280229830581463,5mm (pantal?n) S/2
CLE 46490380229830581533,5mm (pantal?n) M/3
CLE 46490480229830581603,5mm (pantal?n) L/4
CLE 46490580229830581773,5mm (pantal?n) XL/5
CLE 46490680229830581843,5mm (pantal?n) XXL/6
CLE 46500280229830551905mm (chaqueta) S/2
CLE 46500380229830552065mm (chaqueta) M/3
CLE 46500480229830552135mm (chaqueta) L/4
CLE 46500580229830552205mm (chaqueta) XL/5
CLE 46500680229830552375mm (chaqueta) XXL/6
CLE 46510280229830552445mm (pantal?n) S/2
CLE 46510380229830552515mm (pantal?n) M/3
CLE 46510480229830552685mm (pantal?n) L/4
CLE 46510580229830552755mm (pantal?n) XL/5
CLE 46510680229830552825mm (pantal?n) XXL/6
CLE 46511284352669147095mm S/2
CLE 46511384352669146005mm M/3
CLE 46511484352669146245mm L/4
CLE 46511584352669146865mm XL/5
CLE 46511684352669146935mm XXL/6
CLE 46520280229830552997mm (chaqueta) S/2
CLE 46520380229830553057mm (chaqueta) M/3
CLE 46520480229830553127mm (chaqueta) L/4
CLE 46520580229830553297mm (chaqueta) XL/5
CLE 46520680229830553367mm (chaqueta) XXL/6
CLE 46530280229830553437mm (pantal?n) S/2
CLE 46530380229830553507mm (pantal?n) M/3
CLE 46530480229830553677mm (pantal?n) L/4
CLE 46530580229830553747mm (pantal?n) XL/5
CLE 46530680229830553817mm (pantal?n) XXL/6
CLE 46531284352669149147mm S/2
CLE 46531384352669149217mm M/3
CLE 46531484352669149387mm L/4
CLE 46531584352669149527mm XL/5
CLE 46531684352669149767mm XXL/6
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