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It has three low plugs designed to use both with open and close headboard spear guns. The rounded finish, polished manually, allows the usage both of traditional metallic howitzers and with rope. Completely rounded, hydrodynamic and low profile design.

Really severe finishing parameters and height for a maximum adaptation to all kinds of mechanisms. Mechanism made with stainless tools to avoid the material’s contamination of the rod and possible oxide points of the mechanized areas.

Sandvik 301 steel with hardness 1750-1850 kg/mm2, perfect steel because it has optimal resistance to flexion, impact and breaks without the need of making it tempered.

Flap of 1mm thickness with blunt finish and 1mm reel. 75mm length. Integrated on the rod’s profile through flat vertical carvings. Located on the low part.

Tapered tip of two reels.

CodeEANColour / Size
EFA 4039018435266974451?6,5mm 125cm (f. 84)
EFA 4039028435266974468?6,5mm 135cm (f. 85-90)
EFA 4039038435266974475?6,5mm 145cm (f. 95-100)
EFA 4039048435266974482?6,5mm 155cm (f. 105-110)
EFA 4040038435266966791?7mm 125cm (f. 84)
EFA 4040048435266901778?7mm135cm (f. 85-90)
EFA 4040058435266904854?7mm 145cm (f. 95-100)
EFA 4040068435266907107?7mm 155cm (f. 105-110)
EFA 4040078435266907121?7mm 165cm (f. 115)
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