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Specific model for snorkeling or underwater tourism and swimming pool. It’s a super commercial fin that combines high range design and materials adapted to “amateur” use.

It’s extremely light and can be used even by kids, because it has Cressi-Sub guarantee in terms of construction quality and materials, having the same guarantee regarding duration of the most technical models. Its extremely interesting price, attractive design and finishes level have made it to be one of the most sold fins of low-medium level.

  • Blade: made in polyurethane. The recovering of the blade is unalterable with the pass of time, even using it intensively. Great power with little effort. Excellent water channeling. No tendency to sliding. Inclined regarding the axis of the leg to reduce cramps possibility. High flexibility for an easy use.

  • Design: the fiber of the blade is extended under the foot pocket almost to the heel to avoid flexions of the foot that may cause cramps.

  • Foot pocket: wide and extremely flexible but with reinforcement in the foot opening for a perfect subjection and with reinforcement flap in the posterior part, the most damaged part because of stress. Its high quality composition, distinguish it from the other similar fins because of its inalterability before external agents, especially significant to use it in swimming pools, with long sun exposure and in salt water.


CodeEANColour / Size
ACA 1010278022983001029Amarillo 27/29
ACA 1010308022983001036Amarillo 30/32
ACA 1010338022983001043Amarillo 33/34
ACA 1010358022983001050Amarillo 35/36
ACA 1010378022983001067Amarillo 37/38
ACA 1010398022983001074Amarillo 39/40
ACA 1010418022983001081Amarillo 41/42
ACA 1010438022983001098Amarillo 43/44
ACA 1010458022983001104Amarillo 45/46
ACA 1020278022983001111Azul 27/29
ACA 1020308022983001128Azul 30/32
ACA 1020338022983001135Azul 33/34
ACA 1020358022983001142Azul 35/36
ACA 1020378022983001159Azul 37/38
ACA 1020398022983001166Azul 39/40
ACA 1020418022983001173Azul 41/42
ACA 1020438022983001180Azul 43/44
ACA 1020458022983001197Azul 45/46
ACA 1020478022983067100Azul 47/48
ACA 1050358022983001289Negro 35/36
ACA 1050378022983001296Negro 37/38
ACA 1050398022983001302Negro 39/40
ACA 1050418022983001319Negro 41/42
ACA 1050438022983001326Negro 43/44
ACA 1050458022983001333Negro 45/46
ACA 1050478022983067117Negro 47/48
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