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Collection of multiuse watertight bags.

Flexible and really resistant thanks to its laminated PVC joined to thermo fusing though sewing electro frequency, guarantee 100% watertightness for nautical use, adventure sports or watertight of wet elements inside the equipment bag.

The measurements 10 and 20 L are perfect as complement of the equipment bag, because they have enough capacity to introduce inside them the suit, gloves and wet foot pockets, and avoid the residual water to get to the outside.

They incorporate transport system through handle or shoulder strap depending on the dimensions.

Measurements: 2 L (nylon), 5 L, 10 L and 20 L.

CodeEANColour / Size
BUA 9281018022983980119rojo 5lts
BUA 9281058022983980126rojo 15lts
BUA 9281108022983980133rojo 10lts
BUA 9281208022983980140rojo 20lts
BUA 9282018022983980003marino 5lts
BUA 9282058022983082912marino 15lts
BUA 9282108022983082929marino 10lts
BUA 9282208022983084176marino 20lts
BUA 9283018022983980010blanco 5L
BUA 9283058022983092645blanco 15lts
BUA 9283108022983092652blanco 10lts
BUA 9283208022983092669blanco 20lts
BUA 9284018022983980027rosa 5lts
BUA 9284058022983082936rosa 15lts
BUA 9284108022983082943rosa 10lts
BUA 9284208022983084183rosa 20ts
BUA 9285018022983980034gris 5lts
BUA 9285058022983082950gris 15lts
BUA 9285108022983082967gris 10lts
BUA 9285208022983084190gris 20lts
BUA 9286018022983980041azul claro 5lts
BUA 9286058022983092676azul claro 15lts
BUA 9286108022983092683azul claro 10lts
BUA 9286208022983092690azul claro 20lts
BUA 9288018022983980065naranja 5lts
BUA 9288058022983092737naranja 15lts
BUA 9288108022983092744naranja 10lts
BUA 9288208022983092751naranja 20lts
BUA 9289018022983980072negro 5lts
BUA 9289058022983980089negro 15lts
BUA 9289108022983980096negro 10lts
BUA 9289208022983980102negro 20lts
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