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Goggles RIGHT

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They’re swimming goggles of very high range, made completely in silicone with an exceptional adaptation ability. They’re really light, flexible and aesthetically captivating.

Slightly curved crystals to optimize the side visibility, with the flat optical center to avoid distortions. Anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments especially lasting.

Demountable buckles with the same easily adjustable system of diving Cressi masks of high range.

Clear anti-blow box. Made 100% in Italy in the Cressi-sub factory.

They’re made in Standard version (medium and wide faces) and Medium (junior and thin faces).

CodeEANColour / Size
FDE 2016218022983039206Azul-transparente
FDE 2016358022983076102Blanco-Transparente
FDE 2016508022983067704DARK-transparente
FDE 20165558022983978505Azul metal
FDE 2016608022983027890Transparente-transp.
FDE 2016638022983027906Transparente-aguamarina
FDE 2016998022983027944Colores surtidos
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