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New version of Gara Modular Carbon that incorporates a new lighter version of blade made of pure laminated carbon with maximum quality resin.

Cressi was the first manufacturer to use the thermoplastic rubber-blade foot pocket and also the first one to thermofuse in a single element three different materials to improve the effort transmission. The need to dispose of a removable version to install blades made of carbon or other different materials, leads us to the new Gara Modular, which allows the Cressi experience with a several materials composition and many features.

Carbon blade

  • Pure laminated carbon with maximum quality resin.

  • Decreasing profile from 3 mm thickness on the assembly area with the foot pocket (as in the plastic version to minimize the energy loss) to 1 mm thickness on the pint with 5 different phases.

  • External cosmetics with shining finish.

  • Especially delicate assembly area foot pocket-blade in terms of breaking possibilities, with several technologies to minimize risks: opening for assembly screws made with mould, non-mechanized, to minimize the breaking possibility at this point. Rounded profile on the cancellation area foot pocket-blade. Internal elastic sheet.

Foot pocket

The foot pocket’s volume has been revised after deep anatomic studies, in such a way as the volume is proportional to the widening effect that the foot pocket causes depending on the foot size. It doesn’t follow a fixed proportion size by size because proportionally a small foot “fattens” much more than a big foot when putting on the foot pocket.

The new foot pocket combines two materials, a thermoplastic rubber with high hardness (shore 90), flexible but inelastic and really resistant according to the nerves, to the whole foot pocket’s sole and to the exclusive strap over the instep aimed to make the effort transmission to be immediate without dissipate in rubbery compositions.

The instep incorporates on the middle a self adjusting 2 cm wide strap, which allows a slight expansion (from 2 to 4 mm depending on the size) to fit in people who have high instep or also in case of using thick foot pockets. The expansion has been thoroughly balanced to avoid damaging the energy transmission.

The other foot pocket’s part (grey area) has a flexible composition shore 50º to obtain the maximum comfort. This material is extended alternatively on the heel area to play the non-slip key role when we walk on a boat or on rocks.

Sizes: 38/39 - 40/41 - 42/43 - 44/45 - 46/47

CodeEANColour / Size
ABH 109038802298306441338/39
ABH 109040802298306442040/41
ABH 109042802298306443742/43
ABH 109044802298306444444/45
ABH 109046802298306445146/47
ABH 1100388435266913757GARA BLADE CARBON 38-39
ABH 1100408435266900207GARA BLADE CARBON 40-42
ABH 1100428435266913955GARA BLADE CARBON 42-43
ABH 1100448435266914006GARA BLADE CARBON 44-45
ABH 1100468435266914020GARA BLADE CARBON 46-47
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