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Knife LIZARD Novedad

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Medium-sized stiletto format knife made in Italy.

Hexagonal section blade for great resistance to bending and breaking. One side with a smooth edge and the other with a serrated edge. The blade extends inside the handle to give structural rigidity to the whole.

Martensitic steel EN W 1.14116. The best hardness ratio (HRC 55/56) - resistance to oxidation.  This steel allows for excellent durability of cutting capacity and is extremely resistant to both bending and fracture.

Handle with non-slip rubbery technopolymer coating.

Attachment system integrated in the handle itself, very ergonomic and simple. Two push buttons built into the sides of the handle release the knife when pressed simultaneously and lock it in the sheath simply by inserting it.

Plastic cover, minimalist and hydrodynamic. Fixation both to the calf by means of two elastic straps (included) and to a belt.

Technical characteristics:

  • Full length: 21cm
  • Blade length: 105mm
  • Blade Width: 38mm
  • Sheet thickness: mm
  • Weight only knife: g
  • Weight with cover and straps: g

CodeEANColour / Size
BRC 5596008022983207674Negro
BRC 5596808022983222547Rojo
BRC 5596908022983222554Verde
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