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Pneumatic spear gun SL STAR

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CodeEANColour / Size
BFR 3740008022983004709SL/STAR 40
BFR 3755008022983004716SL/STAR 55
BFR 3770008022983004723SL/STAR 70

The SL pneumatic spear gun’s line has been produced during many years and has achieved world fame because of its excellence in terms of robustness, reliability, precision and shoot strength. Constantly updated throughout the years, the SL spear guns are ultra light, easy to use and quick shooting.

They have anatomic heads of high attachment that allow having the weapon in line with the arm without any extra effort. The yellow shiny head allows identifying the weapon in case it falls to the seabed after a shoot. It has a strong hook to reload the harpoon at the end of the head.

The spear guns have safety locks and when we push the trigger, the device is opened. They also have some 8mm shafts of steel.

They include pneumatic spear gun bomb, rod, charger for pneumatic spear gun and rope.

Sizes: 40, 55, 70 cm.

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