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NANO provides a group of technical advantages that Cressi has been incorporating in the last seasons in different models.

It combines a great technicality with a captivating design and medium dimensions, both of the frame and of the skirt.

Its structure has reduced thickness in one only piece, without sieges, allows a great lightness (125 g) and a surprising crystal closer to the eyes with the consequently advantages in relation to visibility and internal volume reduction.

The face frame is radial (not axial); the frame, divided in two parts that connect by a clip, surrounds the crystal acting as a clamp. This system improves the mask watertightness, cancels any uncomfortable contact possibility between frame and front, and removes any vision from the inside to the frame central area.

Its skirt optimizes the empty gaps and reduces the internal volume until only 85 cm3. The lens / face distance has been reduced to the limit that the skirt doesn’t make the known suction effect, it simply settles on the face providing the perfect watertightness thanks to its design and its studied relation thickness / silicone rigidity level.

The inclined lenses are extended via soft curved lines over the cheekbones, improving the inferior and side visibility which are practically unlimited. The extremely thin frame and the studied assembly with the delicate frontal bone area optimize the superior visibility without damaging the adaptation ability.

The buckles, assembled into the frame to achieve a better mask stability and an adjustable tension, are completely folding and tilting in all ways. That’s why the breaking possibility is almost inexistent. This kind of anchorage helps to improve also the mask stability, because the strip tension is made over a rigid element and the breathing tube and the face don’t affect to the skirt.

CodeEANColour / Size
ADS 3650508022983054537Dark-Negro
ADS 3655508022983077956Azul metal
ADS 3660508022983058627Dark-Espejo
ADS 3698508022983068015Verde
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