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Mask Z1

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Z1 is probably the single lens mask with the best performance and versatility on the market. Fully versatile for diving, spearfishing and snorkeling.

  • Frameless construction with the silicone faceplate chemically assembled to the glass without the need for a frame. This technology simplifies the structure of the mask, lightens it by optimizing thicknesses and allows a very small volume to be achieved in a single-glass mask thanks to the close proximity of the eyes to the glass.

  • This system guarantees good visibility in all directions, especially to the sides, since it allows a maximum eye/glass approach without annoying pressure on the forehead or upper part of the nose. The design of the screen with polygonal design perimeter, allows a huge panoramic view in all directions while maintaining contained proportions. Visibility is comparable to the best bi-crystal mask and is improved in terms of superior central visibility.

  • The skirt is very versatile for all types of physiognomies and offers high comfort even with very prolonged use. The calculated design of the interior spaces combined with the calibrated flexibility of the skirt, variable depending on the area, provide great stability of the mask together with great comfort and versatility of adaptation. The skirt has a firm and stable adaptation on the face with a very soft contact area and thicker sides to prevent deformation during use. The studied design of the upper area of ??the nose and forehead allows a great proximity of the glass to the face without disturbing contact points, this characteristic leads to unprecedented volumes of monocrystal masks around 120 cm3.

  • The buckles are completely tiltable and with immediate micro-regulation of the strap with one hand by means of two buttons to be activated with the index finger and thumb simultaneously. The assembling of the buckle system in the frame prevents the deformation of the silicone skirt during the use of the mask (typical of the models that assembles the buckles in the skirt itself) and the tension of the strap occurs aligned to the plane of the glass, optimizing the level of proximity of the glass/eye and, therefore, the volume and optimal visibility of the mask to suit the user.

  • It is an ideal mask for amateur and sports use: snorkeling and diving.


Also available in ZS1 version


Technical characteristics

  • Internal volume: 125 cm3
  • Frame: 16.2 x 9.5 cm
  • Face: 12.5 x 10 cm
  • Weight (with strap included): 199.5 g

CodeEANColour / Size
ADS 4100008022983186153Transparente
ADS 4100108435266991311Amarillo
ADS 4100258435266991328Azul
ADS 4100308435266991281Blanco
ADS 4100408022983186160Azul metal
ADS 4100418435266991298Lila
ADS 4100508022983186177Negro
ADS 4100578022983186184Grafito
ADS 4100808022983186191Rojo
ADS 4100868435266991304Khaki
ADS 4100998435266988472Colores surtidos
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